True Blue Goods and Gifts is a locally owned and operated gift and art boutique curated by three friends, mothers and store partners: Melissa Williams, Jessica Mogis and Jodie McGill. With work backgrounds that include nursing, teaching, writing and legal services, we look forward to a new adventure shared with the community of Omaha.

Our Story

To be honest, it started with a dream... truly. Melissa had given up hospice nursing to stay home with her third child. Jessica was teaching at an Omaha Montessori school and was looking for a change. Jodie was (and still is) running her own law practice at McGill Law P.C.and was intrigued. Together the three friends started with what was originally a 'some day' thought and made it a reality. Melissa, Jessica and Jodie each bring a unique set of skills to the shop including curation of product, community involvement, organization and unique vision for design, aesthetic and quality of  art and design.


True Blue Goods and Gifts is a shop with a heart on its figurative sleeve for the local and national maker and small designer. True Blue also carries a hand-picked selection of national retailers that are unique to Omaha.