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Meet Your Maker: Paula Naikelis

Please join us for our first 'Meet Your Maker' event. Come have a drink, meet Paula and view all of her work on display in the shop. 

Ashland, Nebraskan Paula Naikelis is an amazing artist that creates intricate bird collages from found objects and paper. We are honored to offer her work at True Blue and are hosting this event to highlight her beautiful pieces. She describes herself as an outsider artist and is completely self-taught. Her creative work is as an outlet from the pain that comes from the disease Lupus. Paula would like to "encourage people to stop and take a closer look at things. For whether in nature, science, art or the people around us, it is when we look closer that we are truly able to see what is worth seeing." 

Paula was born and raised in Omaha Nebraska and attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence Kansas. Through the years she has taught herself sculpting, using papier-mâché, clay and sugar; Oil and mural painting, Sumi-e Chinese calligraphy, woodworking, quilting, beading, knitting, and stained glass.
In 2010 she came across her grandmothers quilting supplies and discovered hand-drawn bird shapes. These provided the inspiration to learn something new and she began gathering materials to learn collage.
Each bird begins with a card stock base. The bird will determine what materials will be used. Each "feather" is cut by hand and pasted together onto the base until the bird emerges. The shadowbox frames are purchased from thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales.
With such a wealth of material out there, the challenge lies in looking through a fifth grade math book and turning it into a red-winged blackbird.