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True Blue Goods & Gifts has curated a completely LOCAL last stop holiday shop at The Slowdown featuring local makers, local businesses and local musicians! Completely FREE and kid friendly!


McCarthy Trenching

He never forces things. The man takes his time, and it’s a real treat to hear him mosey his way through a story. Comparisons to Gillian Welch, Will Oldham, Woody Guthrie, and Johnny Cash wouldn’t be out of place; McCarthy writes songs that sound like they could have been written anytime in the past hundred years.
— All Music
The brainchild of bedroom symphony conductor Doug Kabourek, Fizzle Like a Flood craft elaborately layered indie pop opuses.
Awesome rock band from Omaha, Nebraska!


Brucie Bags (Leather Bags)

Simple, practical and equally beautiful leather clutches made in Carter Lake, Iowa by Bruce Williams.

Clementine Porcelain - Designed to Serve (Ceramics)

Clementine Porcelain is a growing ceramic production company designed to monetize the artifacts of personal expression in the service of alleviating child hunger.

We chose the name Clementine, our daughter’s name, not only because we think it is just lovely, but because it means, “merciful and compassionate”. As parents, our goal is to set a good example for her. Therefore, we feel it is imperative that our company’s mission not only embody compassion, but also center around the act of giving.

Denim Saloon (Apparel)

We are Omaha’s premier denim bar, serving men and women the best denim in town. We offer a variety of fits, styles and washes with great tops to complete the look.

ElisabethSpace Jewelry (Jewelry)

Creating handmade, small-batch jewelry to last a lifetime. ElisabethSpace Jewelry was born out of a desire to create with the stones, rocks, and minerals I’ve loved since I was a child.
Ever since I was little I had to create. My day just doesn’t seem to be complete unless I have been making something. My first love is painting and I always considered myself as an artist rather than a crafter, but after having children I didn’t have the time to devote to painting anymore. But, I still needed an outlet for my creativity, so I taught myself to sew and then to crochet. What started out as a hobby has turned into a passion, or obsession, depending on which way you are looking at it. I use my knowledge in art to add to my craft; I love color, pattern, and texture and finding ways to incorporate that into my handmade work.

Grae Clothing (Men's Apparel)

Grae is a lifestyle driven menswear specialty store featuring designer sportswear collections, tailored clothing, footwear and furnishings. Omaha’s newest locally-owned menswear store where a guy can come in, have a drink, catch some of the game, and buy some clothes. Grae specializes in sophisticated yet casual men’s apparel, furnishings and footwear not currently found in the Omaha market.
Jewelry can be symbolic, an heirloom, a commitment, a memory but most importantly jewelry is an outlet for individual expression. Forever inspired by nature, she creates wearable art that compliments the natural forms of the crystals and gems in her work. Whether it be a bold or subtle statement, the bearer OF these pieces will FEEL an immediate connection with heather’s creations.

Hello Holiday (Apparel & Accessories)

From our growing roster of emerging designers to our enviable yet easy-to-style inventory, we narrow the gap between designers and consumers

Hutch (Home decor)

An original concept that mixes modern, local and vintage furnishings. hutch supports and encourages self expression. Our humble beginnings started by selling vintage furniture on weekends in 2013. We have since moved 3 times, and now offer products from over 40 modern vendors, 20 local makers and a mix of vintage items. Our community matters to us, and by supporting local makers, we are able to give back to our community. Brandon and I, boyfriends and co-owners, are proud to call Omaha our home, and we hope to help you create a space you may never want to leave.
Jamie Feinstein Jewelry Design is the result of my need to keep my hands busy and to create useful items that provide a feeling of warmth, satisfaction, and tell a story of sentimentalism. I am thankful every day for a wonderful wife and children that make their own sacrifices so that I can chase my own passions.

Kim Darling & Sarah Rowe (Visual Art)

A visual artist, gallery owner, and curator in Omaha, Nebraska. By using paint, spray enamel, pastels, pens, and pencils, Kim explores taboo iconography and sacred/profane dichotomies by making marks in a method similar to automatic writing. Layer upon layer of graphic shapes are synthesized into a cacophonous flow, laid out in provocative palettes and balanced compositions.
Sarah Rowe is from the Lakota Nation. Her work combines personal interpretations of Native American symbolism, inspired by historical winter counts and her own dream imagery. Rowe’s style is offbeat, a bestiary of bold and gestural landscapes with curious histories. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Webster University, studying in St. Louis, Missouri and Vienna, Austria.

Lunar Opus (Jewelry)

Clinton Yaws of Lunar Opus is a Colorado native who came to Omaha in 2012 with his wife and 2 children. He makes a variety of art that people enjoy. The jewelry that is made under the brand Lunar Opus is all hand sculpted in wax. The wax pendants are cast in 100% lead free pewter and assembled with care. Clinton also enjoys illustrating, painting, and “up-cycling” found treasures. Clinton’s work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the life of the piece.

Mary Cecelia Killian - People of Madeland (Jewelry)

When Mary creates her beaded earring designs she is inspired by the colorful world around her. Her love for textiles, patterns and global designs are the inspirations for everything she makes.

Metta Handmade (Soap and Bodycare)

Metta soaps, lotions and creams are made in small batches with organic butters and oils. Each product is certified Vegan with Vegan Action. All products are lightly scented with essential oils and tinted with all natural clays, herbs and spices.

Paper Kite (Baby, Home, Her)

Paper Kite is a cheerful, brick and mortar boutique located in the charming College View neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska. Catering to “baby, home, and her”, each of our thoughtfully selected goods are handmade by local and regional artisans whenever possible. The shop is founded and managed by Meg Hasselbalch, but not without the help of her husband Jordan, family and friends, with the occasional help from their 15 month old daughter Mary Frances.
My idea for Paper Kite is sort of a compilation of all of my experiences, I have tried my best to create a space that people want to visit- a place where people take their time to explore and be inspired. I wanted it to be a space filled with the most cheerful gifts, for all of the celebrations in life-little or big. For when you need something made with a little love.

Peter Scherr Ceramics (Ceramics)

Peter of Peter Scherr Ceramics was born and raised in Central Nebraska. He is a ceramic artist – making both functional and sculptural pieces – living and working in Eastern Nebraska. Peter assisted in the studio of Jun Kaneko (1999-2000) where he learned and experienced the labors of a studio practice. He later received his BFA (2005) from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, under the tutelage of Gail Kendall, Eddie Dominguez, and Pete Pinnell. He lives, gardens, raises two young daughters and a toddler son and a few laying chickens with his wife on an acre South of Omaha, Nebraska.

Rachel O's (Jewelry & Home Decor)

Rachel O’s Fabulous Whimsy will be bringing a plethora of fabric button jewelry and crochet jackalopes to Shake Your Trunk. Rachel O designs her own fabric for the jewelry. She likes to think of every piece as a tiny piece of art you can wear. The jackalopes are a fun cruelty-free way to add a little bit of whimsy to your space. Every one is totally unique. Rachel will have an entire herd of nerds, unicorns, and lots of other jackalope looking for homes.

Scout: Dry Goods & Trade (Apparel & Accessories

At Scout, you’ll find a large, constantly rotating stock of great, unique & affordable clothes and accessories for ladies & gents.

Talisman (Vintage Apparel & Accessories)

Talisman is an online vintage clothing company based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Co-owners Cora Coppock and Dana Howerter handpick vintage garments from various locations across the US. Talisman is fueled by travel, and the thrill of finding modernity in the past. As fashion trends come and go Talisman is dedicated to curating sustainable staples that are modern, high quality, and versatile. Find a piece that speaks to you and let it be your talisman.

Tee Gravy (Apparel)

We’re a small company with big ideas. Since our amazing staff has years of graphic design and printing experience we decided to use our powers for good rather than evil. Seems like a sound business model.
Each shirt is printed by a real live human! Made in the USA and crafted in our tiny sweatshop here in the Midwest. We not only love creating cool designs, we love the artistry of printing the shirts too.
Like you, we’re tired of being disappointed by boring designs and uncomfortable shirts that never fit right. So we changed that. We buy super soft, comfy American Apparel T-shirts and print designs created by our talented (and a bit twisted) art department
Clever, comical, and sometimes geektastically awesome, that’s TeeGravy.

True Blue Goods & Gifts (Accessories & Home Decor)

True Blue Goods and Gifts is a shop with a heart on its figurative sleeve for the local and national maker and small designer. True Blue also carries a hand-picked selection of national retailers that are unique to Omaha.

Write On, Inc. (Re-purposed Books)

Everybody loves Dr Seuss.JPG
I will be bringing book journals crafted from everybody’s favorite childhood books: Madeline, Corduroy, Seuss (tons), Charlotte’s Web, Little Engine That Could, Goodnight Moon, Dick and Jane, Nancy Drew and many more, thanks to church rummage sales, estate sales, and city book sales. Every book journal buyer may select a mini journal free. These are the same items crafted for the ArtOMat machines placed throughout the country. We are delighted to be selected as an ArtOMat supplier.
I have a huge selection of seasonal and Christmas books ready for family memories to be recorded year after year.
Every buyer gets to select a free mini journal. I use colorful children’s book covers and pages, playing cards, game board cards, Monopoly money, and anything else that can be chopped down into this tiny size and bound. You never know what’s inside these minis. A customer asked me to make journals from game boards. I have Monopoly, Clue, and a Ouija board.
If you don’t find your favorite Seuss book or childhood read-to-me classic, then you haven’t dug far enough into the many bins of book journals I am bringing.
Earlier Event: November 28
Small Business Saturday
Later Event: December 28