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Clementine Porcelain Plate Project Workshop

From Clementine Porcelain:

Although we donate 25% of net profits generated by the sale of all Clementine Porcelain, the majority of our charitable giving comes from the Plate Project.  The Plate Project is a line of porcelain plates decorated by kids then sold to raise money for the Backpack Program administered by the Food Bank for the Heartland.  The program is designed to raise money and awareness for child hunger in our community but also provides a hands on opportunity for direct charitable action.

Please join us for one four workshops at True Blue Goods and Gifts.

On January 30th and February 20th (both Saturdays) we will be holding decorating workshops at True Blue which is located at 1320 Mike Fahey St.  There will be a morning session (10:30 – 12) and an afternoon session (1:30 – 3) each day with 12 slots per session.   We will bring plates, glaze, and everything else one might need to paint porcelain; we need you to bring the kids.


The plates decorated during these workshops will be installed in True Blue’s showroom from February 29 – March 14.  While there is no charge to take part in the workshops, the plates themselves must be “purchased” with a $25 donation to the Backpack Program and a $5 materials fee paid to True Blue.    


If you know any young artists who might be interested in doing some art for charity then get in touch!  The best way to sign up is to send us an email with the number of kids, the date, and the session. 


Email us at

Call us at 540.273.0862