40th birthday party ideas for men


Throughout life, we all want to accomplish exploits and achievements. At 40, it’s time to remember everything that happened. Mark every feat and build new plans. Reach new heights. In this idea of ​​the party, we propose to note all the memorable achievements of man. They can be depicted in the form of growth photographs, paintings, a photo album or arrange a whole celebrity party with paparazzi and carpet.

40th birthday party ideas for men

JACK DANIELS 40th birthday party ideas

If your friend is a real fan of this drink, then he will definitely like it. The party decorated in the color scheme of the drink can take place in the garden, on the beach or in the restaurant, the main thing is the atmosphere. A good addition would be a tasting of rare whiskeys, a game of poker and cigars) A bit in the style of gangsters.

As a gift, you can give a collection bottle of whiskey and an amateur will appreciate it. Better yet, a bottle of his favorite drink of his year of birth.

Visit an Escape Room

Escape Room is great entertainment for the company. The quest usually lasts 1 hour and can be thematically based on films or books. You can plan 3-4 quests intermittently and you will have a great time. Pick the best quests for your favorite birthday’s films and he will appreciate it. And also, at the end of each quest, a prize may be a gift from one of the guests. Ideal if the gift is interesting to the birthday boy and also in the style of his favorite films. You can try to negotiate with the organizers and hide the gifts right inside the guest room). I think your friend will appreciate such a man bday party ideas

Take a Cooking Class

The idea for 40th birthday themes for men is a cooking lesson. Especially if he has a favorite celebrity cook and he can give you an individual lesson. There are also specialized cooking classes. If your friend loves to cook but cannot find time for a lesson, visit him with him on his birthday. Choose a master class according to his preferences and favorite cuisine of the world. As a gift, the addition will fit a good bottle of wine specifically for this dish. Make a delicious dinner all together under the guidance of a chef and taste with great wine. I think this evening will remain in his memory.

Enjoy a Comedy Show

If your friend or chosen one especially loves humorous shows, then this gift is for him. Spend the evening together at a live performance of comedians. You can try to negotiate with the organizers to play it. Informing his table and place to the organizers. And congratulate him on his birthday right in the hall, ordering a cake with candles.

Extreme sports 40th birthday party ideas for men

If your friend loves extreme sports, then a gift for this topic is perfect.

Organize a helicopter flight over your city. Send underwater fishing. Go climbing in the wild or in the equipped center. Take a Surfing Class. Go Whitewater Rafting. Paintball
Scuba Dive or Banjo Jump.

We have prepared for you other ideas on how to spend a 40 year party for a man. Choose any and definitely will not lose. Your friend or husband will definitely be glad that you tried to do everything for them in the best way:

  • Racecar Driving
  • Paintball
  • Take a Flying Lesson
  • Go Sky Diving
  • Go to an ATV Park
  • Zero Gravity Experience
  • Go Deep Sea Fishing
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Go to a Beer Tasting
  • Spend the Day Golfing
  • Rent a Classic Car or Sports Car for the day
  • Watch a Sports Game
  • Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Take a Dinner Cruise
  • Play Miniature Golf
  • Visit an Arcade
  • See a Concert
  • Go, Bowling
  • Go to a Classic Car Show

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