Children’s birthday «Paw Patrol»

Paw patrol party ideas

Recommended for children from 3 to 7 years old

Paw Patrol — The Puppy Squad is ready to go! The PAW Patrol needs help! Chase and Sky are recruiting for a new rescue team, and the birthday boy becomes the new commander and coordinator of the PAW Patrol!

How will the birthday be held:

We will learn to drive a police car, and complete a spy mission from Chase.

We will visit a construction site with Krepysh. We will learn construction tools and find out what they are for.

Together with Skye, we will go in search of a sugar pit and have a boomerang throwing competition.

The most difficult task from Marshal is learning how to put out a fire.

We will carry out rescue operations on the water with Zuma.

Let’s dance the puppies’ favorite dance Tyav-tyav boogie together with a funny and funny Marshal. Brave puppies can handle everything!

Animators «Paw Patrol» for a children’s party and birthday.

Additional services

Photo zone in the style of «Paw Patrol»


Balloon decoration in cartoon style

Paw Patrol themed cake and gingerbread

Soap bubbles show.

What’s interesting about Paw Patrol’s Birthday

Modern children often want to see the main characters of their favorite cartoon on their birthday. One of the most popular is the Paw Patrol. This funny animated series, each episode of which has its own exciting plot, has long won the hearts of young viewers. This is not surprising, since the team of cute dogs is always ready to help those who need it. Therefore, a birthday in the style of the Paw Patrol will be a wonderful gift for both a girl and a boy. The scenario of such a holiday provides for a lot of fun entertainment and funny contests to create a new rescue team. It should be noted that all of them are not just entertaining, but aimed at acquiring and developing new knowledge and skills by children. The birthday boy will become the new coordinator and commander of the Paw Patrol. Children’s animators in the images of cartoon characters — Chase and Sky — will conduct the event in a positive, interesting and colorful way. They will help the guys:

Visit the construction site with Krepysh. This will allow you to learn construction tools, as well as find out where and what they are used for;

Learn to drive a police car and complete a spy mission;

Go in search of a sugar pit and compete in throwing a boomerang;

Together with Zuma, carry out rescue operations:

Complete the most difficult task from Marshal — extinguish the fire;

Together with the cheerful and funny Marshal, dance the puppies’ favorite dance — Tyav tyav boogie.

Paw Patrol Animator

It should be noted that the number of animators at a children’s party can vary from one to three. It all depends on the number of guests. Children’s Birthday Paw Patrol is designed for children aged 3 to 7 years. One children’s animator is designed for 5 — 7 children. Of course, everyone wants to save money. However, it is important to understand that one presenter will not be able to spend a quality holiday and provide the necessary supervision for a large number of children. Therefore, we recommend adhering to our proposed calculation of children’s animators for the Paw Patrol Birthday.

Extra Birthday Fun in Paw Patrol Style

The duration of the program may vary. It can be one hour, one and a half or two hours. It all depends on the venue, the age of the children and parental wishes. You can supplement the main program with a wide variety of entertainment options. The most popular are the fun piñata game and the fun twisting.

 How to entertain children at the holiday:


T-shirt painting;

Children’s bartender show;

Soap bubbles show;

Culinary master classes;

Foam show;

Ball show and many others.

What is a children’s birthday without photographing? I want to remember this special day for a long time. To make the photo more colorful, we can create a photo zone. It can be decorated with balloons or with a thematic banner.

Of course, decoration plays a very important role in the general mood of the children’s holiday. You can decorate the room with beautiful balloons. This will help create a special festive atmosphere.

Use Cheerful Face Painting. Children love him so much! In addition, funny rides and trampolines, as well as a variety of master classes, will be a wonderful addition to the holiday.

Paw Patrol Kids Cake

What’s a birthday without a delicious cake ?! Especially if it’s a children’s holiday. The birthday boy and his guests will certainly be just happy to receive the Paw Patrol children’s cake for a treat. It will become the main decoration of the festive table.

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