Best 18+Bachelor Party Games

Bachelor party games

They say that before the wedding, a man should have a lot of fun. And this should be done together with your best friends, having arranged a bachelor party. Men are naturally reckless and competitive in order to prove their superiority. To make the bachelor party exciting, playful, full of surprises and remain in the memory of the participants for a long time, include games in its program — laser tag, paintball or airsoft.

For those who are preparing to organize a bachelor party, we have prepared brief explanations for these games, as well as tips and ideas for an exciting bachelor party.


Contest «Casanova»

If you are relaxing in a club or bar with a large number of the fair sex, then you can hold the Casanova competition. In 10 minutes you need to go around the establishment and collect the kisses of the ladies present on your cheeks. Naturally, whoever has more of them won.

Competition with tricky questions

To check how ready the groom is for the wedding, make up a series of questions such as, «Your loved one is sick, what are your actions» or «What will you do if you need to pack her things for a trip or a child for kindergarten.» The groom is given a minute to think. And then you calmly check, laugh and be sure to present these records to your friend’s future wife.

Sports COMPETITIONS FOR bachelor party


Paintball will allow you to get a thrill, to show dexterity. The participants of the game will rejoice from the bottom of their hearts every hit and every mistake they make. This real man’s game will require excitement and dexterity. Thanks to the experienced emotions, pain when the ball hits, bruises, dirty clothes, it will make an impression and will be remembered by the participants for a long time.


The equipment for this game, I must say, is not too burdensome. You will need:

● camouflage suits;

● helmet;

● gloves.

We suggest using a variety of funny clothes for playing paintball, for example, costumes depicting a hare, a ballerina, a superhero, etc. They will add more fun to the party and allow you to take many funny pictures.

Who doesn’t want to see their friend in a comical suit?

No special training is required for paintball. You will be introduced to the rules of the game before starting it. Good reaction and dexterity are required of you. On the playground there are shelters where you can hide from the enemy and avoid being hit by the paint ball. After the end of the game time, the winner is determined. It becomes the team in which the player has lasted the longest in unstained clothes or in which there will be more «unshot» participants.

How to test the groom?

If you want to test the groom while playing paintball, prepare how many missions he will have to complete

A few of the more popular ones:

● everyone is against the groom;

● find a secret box;

● hunting for a wife;

● hoisting the flag, etc.

If you have another topic or idea, feel free to suggest it to the host.

Laser tag

The game of laser tag (laser paintball) does without shooting paints and pain, therefore it is ideal for a bachelor party (not every groom will risk playing paintball on the eve of the wedding so as not to get a bruise on his neck). Laser tag will also be preferred by those who want to party in a less extreme atmosphere.

What is laser tag

Laser tag is an exciting team game where the participants try to «hit» the enemy with a laser shot at the headband equipped with a hit sensor. The game requires attentiveness and good reaction in order to avoid shots and find cover. According to the rules, the «shot» participants may not leave the battlefield, but visit the base to return their «lives» and get another opportunity to take revenge on the enemy. The team that will hit more opponents wins.

Basic information about laser tag:

● the game can be played both indoors and outdoors;

● you can hit the enemy at a distance of up to 200 m; weather conditions do not affect the accuracy of the shot;

● the hit is painless, it feels like a vibration in a headband;

● after the end of the game, each participant receives a report with personal statistics: how many shots were fired, how many hits were, how many times he «returned life», etc.

To make the bachelor party even more fun, you can introduce a playful rule into the game, for example: the team that guesses the number of hits is exempted from paying for the first two drinks.


This unique and modern game is a real find for a bachelor party! Airsoft appeared in Latvia recently and began to rapidly gain momentum, collecting more and more fans. If your friends are not averse to experiencing new sensations, welcome to airsoft!

Briefly about the game in airsoft

The game is an imitation of real combat. Players are equipped with replicas of real weapons — M4 and MP5 assault rifles, Beretta CO2 and an electronic pistol.

The weapon shoots out plastic balls weighing 0.25 g, which inflict a rather sensitive blow. Airsoft will attract the most adventurous and determined participants. To win, they will have to use tactical moves, use cover, overcome obstacles. The main condition for achieving victory is well-coordinated team play. Of course, reaction speed and hitting accuracy are also important. Participants will have to overcome a dangerous route, go through abandoned buildings, hide behind boxes or sandbags, plant a flag and perform many other feats. Many different military objects are also used for the entourage. The team that shows the best tactics and strategy wins.


There are no drinks for men, but they are extremely rare. Rather, on the contrary, the main goal of the audience is to thoroughly take it on the chest, and even adventure will be found on its own. If you are a supporter of this model, then you can play alcoholic roulette. You can buy it or make it yourself. The point is that instead of numbers, there are inscriptions in a circle: “I drink, everyone skips”, “everyone drinks”, “two in a row”, “drinks the second from the right” and so on.

Another option is that stacks of various drinks are placed around the tape measure, and you need to drink the one that the ball points to. In short, you can get drunk with fiction, but what kind of rest you will have in Lutsk depends on the degree of intoxication.


Instead of the usual checkers, place glasses on the field with drinks of different colors, but approximately the same in strength, for example, with vodka and cognac. And start the usual game, with the condition that you have to drink the beaten checker. Such a competition is suitable for a bachelor party with a small number of guests. Although, if you acquire enough inventory, you can play elimination and compete for the title of grandmaster. True, the winner will hardly be able to participate in the continuation of the banquet.

Relay race

Another way to «swizzle» with passion, but, preferably, somewhere in nature, since you have to run a little. Those present are divided into two teams, in front of which there is a table with vodka, a glass and a snack at some distance. The first participant must run up to the table and pour into a glass, the second must drink it, the third must have a snack, and so on until the bottle is empty. The first team to tackle this difficult task wins.

Alcohol test

This competition for a bachelor party should be held in the midst of fun, when part of the alcohol supply has been safely drained. You need to stand in front of a wall or board and draw a line with a felt-tip pen, showing how much the participant evaluates his sobriety. The higher the line, the more sober he is. But the catch is that you have to draw with your back to the wall and draw from the very bottom, stretching your hand between your legs. It is clear that everyone wants to stretch the line as high as possible, and what will come of it, we recommend checking.

Phone races

Prepare an inclined surface, the easiest option is to slightly raise the table by placing any available means under it. Participants put their phones at the start in the «vibrate» mode and follow the call whose gadget will be the first to reach the conditional finish. For more excitement, come up with a prize pool.

Aimed strike

Prepare planks with nails driven through them. Players have a rope tied to their belts with an apple dangling at knee level. The task is to be the first to prick the apple on the nails.

Expecting a baby

Another competition for a bath. Inflated balloons are glued to the abdomens of the participants and matches are scattered in front of each of them. The task is to be the first to collect all the matches in the boxes. It should be folded one at a time, making sure that the ball does not burst. A very useful activity for the groom, who will not hurt to find out how his pregnant wife will feel.

No matter how you celebrate your bachelor party, you should definitely drink to the bride, because in the near future she will become a full member of your company. And often it depends on the wife how your relationship will develop further. Perhaps for some this is the last purely male party, so make it unforgettable!

Competition «Basketball»

• Participants: everyone

• Props: paper basket, A4 sheets of paper or tennis balls

Each participant must hit the basket with a ball or a crumpled piece of paper from a certain distance, as is done when playing basketball. You can play on the principle of elimination or by dividing into teams. Such competitive contests, in principle, can be a great idea for a bachelor party, because a strong half of humanity likes to compete with each other.

Contest «Casanova»

• Participants: everyone

• Props: not required

The competition is held in a place where there are women. According to the bachelor party scenario, each of the participants must collect as many kisses of girls as possible on his neck and cheeks for a certain amount of time. The winner is the one with the most of them.

Competition «Artist»

• Participant: groom

• Props: felt-tip pens, a sheet of paper, a wide ribbon of thick fabric

For this competition, the groom must, blindfolded, draw a portrait of his future wife, which will greatly amuse the guests at the bachelor party. Then this portrait can be presented to her at the wedding itself.

Groom Tasks bachelor party

Active games should be replaced by other entertainments that will bring their share of fun and positive and require participants to show a lot of imagination.

Recall that the main purpose of a bachelor party is to have fun and have a good time with friends, as well as thoroughly tease the groom (when else to do this, if not before the wedding). Friends should take him out of his comfort zone, come up with funny tasks for him and create ridiculous situations.

Remember in what cases the hero of the occasion is embarrassed, feels awkward, refuses. After discussing these cases, make a list of 10 tasks. Here are some ideas!

1. Start a conversation with a passer-by, pretending to know him («Hi! We seem to have studied together!»)

2. Leave the house in dirty clothes and different socks

3. Apply women’s cosmetics to the face and appear in a public place

4. Appear in a public place without zipping your pants

5. Find fault with the seller about the high price of the product

6. Wash the windows of someone else’s car (located, for example, in a parking lot near a store or on the side of the road)

7.Using a hitchhiker, get to point X, where friends who have prepared new tasks are waiting for the groom

8. Give your friends some kind of solemn oath

9. Fulfill the desires of five women who met on the street (no financial cost)

10. Put on the shirt handed by your friends and collect 15 lip prints (kisses) on it.

Label each task with a number, take ten pieces of paper, write the numbers from 1 to 10 on each, fold the pieces of paper and put them in a box (the number on the piece of paper corresponds to the task number). Invite the hero of the occasion to choose a task number, warning that he may not like the tasks. For each refusal of the task, the groom must drink a shot. Establish a condition: the groom can use his right of choice (“skip the move, take a shot”) only three times. To make it difficult to choose, choose a drink for the shots that the groom does not like. Perhaps then he will agree to complete the task. Take a photo or video of all the games and entertainment so that the bachelor party is better preserved in memory.

To make the bachelor party a success, start preparing for it in advance, show imagination and creativity in drawing up its program. After all, the groom expects his friends to do their best to make the party an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

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