Bachelor party ideas

BacBachelor party ideas

is a kind of ritual of transition to a more conscious, adult, and responsible life. Make this holiday memorable by pre-thinking the scenario so that the party does not become just a «sincere drinking bout.»


How to choose a place?

Having previously decided who is satisfied with the bachelor party, you should take care of where to go. What should I start with when choosing a location for a bachelor party?

1. The number of friends of the groom. For a large company, completely different solutions are needed than for a company of 4-8 people;

2. The budget. Perhaps the key factor affecting choice;

3. The time of year. From the list that we have compiled for you below, some options automatically disappear if you decide to celebrate a bachelor party in the winter. As a rule, in summer, at the end of spring, and the beginning of autumn, there are fewer restrictions. Even if the wedding is due in late August, no one forbids you to hold your event in early June. And accordingly, if the event is planned outdoors in the winter, you simply have to warn everyone about the need to put on warm clothes;

4. How many people drink alcohol. This knowledge will allow you to calculate the budget for alcoholic beverages;

5. How does the groom see the event? If friends are in the role of organizers, it’s worth to carefully ask where and how the bridegroom would like to spend the evening;

6. How friends see the holiday. If the groom chooses the location, then it is worth asking friends about their preferences;

7. The remoteness of the institution. You should choose a place from the calculation that all participants will just get there;

8. Reviews about the institution;

9. Discounts and coupons;

10. Table reservation and the need to make a deposit in advance;

11. The temperament of the upcoming meeting: a big noisy holiday or quiet gatherings with friends.

12) By the way, arrange with friends in advance that it is better not to take photos and videos. They didn’t know that there was such a tradition: “Everything that was on the bachelor party remains on the bachelor party”?

13) It’s better to choose the time of the bachelor party in advance — it’s easier to plan, book time, and place. Do not make a bachelor party the night before the wedding, because the party can go after midnight, and alcohol is not the groom’s best friend. The best time for a bachelor party will be the weekend a week before the wedding.

14 Take care of transport — people should not be drunk while driving!

— Now go to the venue. It will depend on the preferences of the groom and his guests, their joint hobbies and interests, financial capabilities and time of year.

Bachelor party games

The first and most important thing in conducting a bachelor party is who will be engaged in its organization. By all rules, the bachelor party scenario falls on the shoulders of the main witness. As a rule, he is the best friend of the groom and is well acquainted with the bride. This is the man who knows exactly all the habits and preferences of the groom, and is aware of what can be offered this evening to have fun and that the bride, due to a too reckless stag party, would not leave her future husband a couple of days before the wedding.

I think that it will not be difficult for our witness to come up with original ideas for the bachelor party. If this is difficult for him, you can call for help comrades. Male imagination is highly developed, and the collective imagination can even be very surprising. Do not underestimate the ability of a cohesive team.

Bachelor Party Venue


The first place that comes to mind is the sauna. And it’s not us who came up with it, it turns out. This version of the bachelor party is a fairly old rite. He just walked a little differently. The groom didn’t go to the bathhouse in the company of his friends and not to walk around freely. He went there alone to wash away his old life, wash away all unnecessary, and enter into a new life completely purified.


There is an option to engage all participants in the evening at the same time. Such an option could be a visit to a bowling alley, a rink, a game of billiards, you can even take our favorite curling …). — Poker You can devote an evening to poker. If you take good professional equipment, a lot of beer, order pizza, then the evening promises to be quite interesting and enjoyable. And, importantly, the bride will be completely calm. Gatherings with friends at a poker game have not scared anyone. Especially on the night of the stag party.

House If the groom is quiet and family man, you can spend the bachelor party at home. This is far from the worst option. The entire male population loves beer, fish, chips …. Bake meat, take some more strong drinks, and in a pleasant company stir up those interesting and pleasant moments of life that occurred during your acquaintance. And they, I think, will be many. — Club. One of the ideas for a bachelor party is a banal trip to the club. It is very important to take into account the attitude of brides to such pastimes. Indeed, in the club, in addition to the groom and his attendants, there will be a large number of people, many of whom are female. And a large amount of drunk can lead to disastrous consequences. Yes, and talk to loud music will also fail, unfortunately. And such a bachelor party can turn into a regular club visit. But I do not insist on my opinion. It all depends on the digging and the purpose of the event.


Bachelor party in nature — this is perhaps one of the best ideas. If weather conditions allow, the best option would be to hold a bachelor party in the fresh air. Maybe someone has a summer cottage in the country or a favorite place on the riverbank, in the forest, you can even just rent a gazebo or a house at a country recreation center. Believe me, such a bachelor party can be filled with many activities for the groom and his friends. Fans of a quiet pastime can fish, and later, in the evening, sitting by the fire, cook a delicious ear. More active friends enjoy water skiing, a catamaran, a boat, and so on. If the number of guests allows, you can play football, basketball.

Japan In the modern world, Japanese cuisine is very popular. You can make our bachelor party in the Japanese style. Order sushi, rolls, and, of course, sake. To ensure that this is not simple absorption of food, invite a dancer who will bring Japanese flavor to your evening.

Master Class

Learning new skills will never hurt. You can make the bachelor party not only fun but also useful. To do this, select a master class and visit the whole team. I suggest choosing a master class on mixing alcoholic beverages, you can learn how to dance the waltz, it will be useful to everyone in any case, at least once in a lifetime. If you approach with humor, you can order a striptease master class.

Games We all know that men will always remain children in the shower. Do not neglect your desire to have fun with your friends for entertaining games! Bowling, billiards, paintball, go-karting, mini-golf, climbing wall … Or maybe you are a fan of video games? Then why not arrange a tournament in FIFA? — gatsby If there is a desire to boo, order a place in some elite club. Drink expensive whiskey, smoke cigars, order the most expensive dishes from the menu. Feel rich at least once in your life!

Poker night Stag games can be gambling — why not? If you do not know the rules — believe me, they are quite simple! However, it is better to know them in advance, so as not to simply spend too much time preparing. By the way, professional poker sets can now be rented. Buy beer or stronger drinks, order more pizza and go-ahead to compete for the best poker face 🙂


I don’t know about you, but I like exactly this option. It’s great when a small close-knit team of like-minded people gathers and the whole team leaves the city for a couple of days. And you can go anywhere without restrictions. It can be the most usual excursion, a two-three-day tour to another country or just with tents out of town.

Bath and SPA A great way to relax in the company of friends is to go to the bathhouse, even Zhenya Lukashin from The Irony of Fate knew about this. Please do not forget about safety precautions — do not drink a lot of alcohol in front of the steam room in order to avoid serious health troubles. SPA, by the way, men are also very fond of, just for some reason, they are afraid to admit it. Feel free to enjoy massage and body care

— Paintball

A very interesting and moving option for a bachelor party can be a game of paintball. Rent the entire site. So that no one except your company gets tangled up. Complete freedom of action, unlimited amount of time, breaks between games at the table with barbecue. Isn’t that great? As for me, this is one of the best options. Boys are boys. They need to eat meat, shoot, run …….

— Bike break

Do you like to ride bicycles? Nothing is easier than doing wild cycling. If you are a big fan of cycling, and your friends are not far behind in anything, arrange real competitions, naturally with the presence of beautiful cheerleaders. Well, after you determine the winner, go together to the bar and enjoy a good beer with sausages.

Parachute Extreme sports !!!! This is for you. But keep in mind that not everyone dares to jump with a parachute. But we want everyone to take an active part in the celebration of the bachelor party. If everyone agrees, believe me, you will remember this day not only as the day before the wedding but also a day filled with adrenaline and a lot of positive emotions. Especially if this is your first jump.

Skiing If the stag party fell in the cold season, I propose the option of a ski resort. This is skiing, snowboarding, and so on. And in the evening, tired, you come to a warm room, enjoy the bathhouse and warm mulled wine. True, not the worst option for spending time? Only book such a trip should be long before the bachelor party. Otherwise, everything may fail due to the banal lack of places in the hotel. – Quest

It is interesting to spend time and going through a thematic quest. It may be a lite version that you prepare yourself. And you can turn to people who are directly involved in this. Who already has a well-thought-out script, costumes, venue and so on. Believe me, now there are already a lot of options for very interesting and large-scale quests

-Restaurant for real men

A great place for a bachelor party will be a restaurant where you can order a juicy beef steak, drink whiskey, and light a cigar — depending on your preferences and habits.

It is not at all necessary to choose an entertainment establishment with dressed-up girls for a delicious dinner in the company of best friends! Your choice may fall, for example, on a decent steakhouse. By the way, the restaurant can be only part of your entertainment program — as an aperitif, as well as a logical quiet end to a party.

— Vegas, baby!

If you get a lot, you can afford to rush to Vegas! Do not forget to prepare all the necessary documents for a trip to the United States. Wrap up, spend money — such a night will definitely remain in your memory for a lifetime!

Hangover options

We decided on the place. Whatever option we choose, just to come and sit will not work. It will be boring. Come up with the theme of the party, come up with costumes, decals, if you decide to celebrate at the club, think over drinking options. Do not lean heavily on hard liquor. This can only lead to the fact that everything planned by you, the groom simply can not appreciate due to poor health. You knew in advance the number of guests at the bachelor party, chose a place, came up with the theme of the party, warned everyone to stick to your topic, decided on the menu. But this is far from all. We pass to entertainments. If the budget allows, you can contact the event agency for help. They will offer a lot of options for the show program for any location, any number of guests, any venue. Yes, you yourself can find entertainment on the Internet for every taste.

Stag contests

If this is still not your option, I suggest taking ideas for the bachelor party out of my head. If you work hard, you can come up with a lot of options. Brainstorm with friends and come up with bachelor party contests for the groom. You can take any standard competition and, having slightly transformed, make it thematic, come up with a competition based on events that happened in the life of the groom.

But let’s not forget about the other guests. For the groom, we came up with contests, now we will come up with contests for the bachelor party and for the rest of those present. It’s easier here. The most vulgar and «crazy» options will be appropriate. Where else, if not at the bachelor party, can you afford what it is embarrassing to do indecent life?

A very good idea is to give each of those present at the bachelor party some souvenir in memory of this day. It can be any trinket that symbolizes your friendship or is a symbol of the bachelor party theme, or just a beer glass, or a soccer ball. Yes, everything that your darling will be happy with and that’s enough imagination! There are no restrictions.

A pretty important moment of any holiday is a photo and video. In no case do not forget about it. Whatever happens, all this must be captured! Time will pass, get together with the same composition and, believe me, with great pleasure you will watch photos of the funniest moments, watch videos, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of bygone days.
And the last one. Do not forget to take into account that wherever you celebrate, after the bachelor party, everyone needs to somehow get home. Therefore, be sure to order transport in advance or arrange with one of your friends to take control of the home delivery of guests. Have a good time and make this day unforgettable!

Cake for a bachelor party

as a gift to the groom Decoration of any holiday, the table is a huge delicious cake, and a bachelor party is no exception. As for the taste criteria, it is not necessary to invent something special. If you probably know that the bachelor still loves chocolate, you can order a dessert with cocoa flavor. The highlight of the sweet dish for men will be cognac added to the dough. A real surprise for the groom will be a dancer sitting in the cake. Despite the fact that most people associate a stripper with a men’s party, in fact, friends decide on such a present for a bachelor party quite rarely. But the design of the cake is worth considering.

Thinking over the design of the dessert, they usually take into account the interests of the groom or come up with something original. If the hero of the holiday has a favorite hobby, use the following ideas: cake in the form of a boat for an avid fisherman; basketball (soccer) ball for the athlete; the Marvel logo will appeal to lovers of films about superheroes, etc. Experienced confectioners offer interesting cake ideas that symbolize farewell to a bachelor’s life. Most often, men order such desserts: a cake in the form of a woman’s breast in a sexy bra; dessert in the shape of a beer mug; a bed of young mastics; a sweet copy of the bride and much more.

Bachelor party traditions in different countries

The idea for a bachelor party is quite difficult to determine. If you still haven’t figured out how to have a fun party for a friend, you can learn the traditions of celebrating a cool bachelor party in different countries: the ancient Romans enjoyed diluted wine and fought with wooden swords, and the bridegroom was the winner for any outcome. Getters were invited to accompany the celebration.

In Turkey, participants are still competing in military skills. Most often, men arrange races and throw wooden darts. But in ancient Russia, the bachelor party had a completely different meaning. The members of the squads usually lived in the same house with their comrades, but after marriage, each went to his home. The evening before the wedding was considered goodbye to friends. Later, men began to visit the bath, but they did it all alone. Fortunately, friends of the suitors in time appreciated the injustice of what was happening and began to go to the sauna with the future newlyweds.

In China, stag parties are treated with great seriousness. On this day, the groom painfully plucks out all the hair on her face and makes a special haircut. At the end of the holiday, a man receives a hat as a gift and treats guests with millet porridge and meat. In Germany, there is no clear division into a bachelor party and a bachelorette party, all participants of the upcoming ceremony celebrate farewell to a bachelor’s life. A feature of the party is the breaking of dishes “for good luck”. Some traditions are frightening, however, even from ancient peoples, you can borrow interesting options for a bachelor party. The festival organizers just need to include fantasy, stock up on fun contests and order an unusual cake

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