Graduation party venues

Top 12 graduation party venues of 2020

It is imperative to prepare ideas and choose a place for the celebration several months before the event. If you put the question on the back burner, then the city simply won’t have decent places to implement your idea!

To make this day memorable and not like other classic proms, let’s get creative!


Idea 1. Creative graduation

Idea 2. Adult Graduation

Idea 3. American Graduation

Idea 4. Venice Carnival

Idea 5. Disco 90s

Idea 6. Musical

Idea 7. What? Where? When?

Idea 8. Star style

Idea 9. Graduation Quest

Idea 10. Future professions

Idea 11. Virtual Graduation

Idea 12. Military Prom

And here are a few holiday ideas suitable for a specific topic, where you can hold a graduation ceremony.

Idea 1. Creative graduation

Music is an integral part of the life of young people. Someone is a music lover, someone is an adherent of a particular style or a fan of one artist. Graduation is a great way to put everything together.

Let everyone choose who and how they want to look at the prom. Dressing up as your favorite rock star is great! You can draw temporary tattoos, wear ripped jeans, a T-shirt, a leather jacket, studded leather bracelets, and even put on a mohawk. None of the teachers will say that this goes beyond the school dress code.

In addition to creating an image, graduates can express themselves from any creative side.

There is nothing to be ashamed of here — there are only your own people around and no jury.

If there are talents among classmates who play the guitar, dance a break, or even rap, you don’t need to invite anyone. All performers have already gathered to have interesting graduation!

Idea 2. «Adult» graduation

The studies are over, everyone has passed the exams, and the feeling of freedom is close. Haven’t chosen where to celebrate your graduation yet? Throw an adult party. Let your teens feel older for a while.

Invite the bartender — he will make cool non-alcoholic cocktails and put on an interesting show.

A cool party requires good music, so don’t forget to get a DJ.

Idea 3. American style graduation

How to celebrate prom in a big way? Organize an American Style Party!

Entertainment. Noisy large-scale graduation parties with dancing until the morning. For convenience, divide the evening into 2 parts: let the traditional ball smoothly flow into a noisy disco with modern music and a performance of your favorite band.

During the official part, boys can wear suits and girls can wear fluffy dresses. The obligatory part is the choice of the king and queen of the ball. Distribute questionnaires with the names of candidates to all those invited, count the votes, and then solemnly present them with the crowns of the winners. You can order these in the online store.

Then breathe out a sigh of relief and change into the casual clothes of American schoolchildren — bombers, T-shirts, ripped jeans. Time to take off and not think about uncomfortable pants or a long dress hem!

Food. Order pizza and burgers at your favorite restaurant. Place a huge bowl of non-alcoholic punch on the buffet table, where graduates can fill red plastic cups — just like in American comedy about parties.

Decor. Graduation albums, where everyone is photographed as they want, and writes funny or even absurd statements? Create the same — have each classmate take a funny picture that conveys exactly his character! And at graduation, you can hang these photos on the wall — and laugh heartily.

Choosing a place. An open area with an overhang in case of rain and a place for a dance floor.

You can have a banquet under the roof and a disco on the open dance floor. Invite your favorite music group — there is a place for a stage, a DJ console, speakers, and light music.

You can also have a barbecue on the site.

At the end of the party, you can light up sparklers or use Chinese lanterns on the terrace — this will be a great end to the evening.

Idea 4. Venice Carnival

Feel the mysterious atmosphere of the Venetian carnival. Where and how to celebrate graduation in this style — we share cool ideas!

Entertainment. The main attribute is Venetian masks. You can buy them in the online store. But it will be more fun to make them with your own hands — order a master class on painting Venetian masks from professionals.

Are the masks ready? Time to throw a grand ball in the 19th-century style! It all starts with a slow waltz … and then turns into a disco, where everyone dances as they want! For convenience, bring your jeans and T-shirts with you to change after the ball.

Food. Order lasagne, pasta, Caesar salad, pizza, seafood dishes at the restaurant. For dessert, you can buy Italian sweets at the pastry shop: tiramisu, panna cotta, Caprese cake and cannoli with custard. Or order it all from the catering service.

Decor. Complement the interior of the room with graceful

Idea 6. Musical

Music theme will be a great idea for a graduation ceremony.

Entertainment. Invite your friends to organize a creative performance, practice funny skits with funny songs. You can shoot a music video in advance and show it on the big screen at the prom. Arrange a real musical!

Watch High School Musical: Prom for inspiration for some cool ideas for organizing your event.

Decor. The room can be decorated with paper lanterns and garlands, posters with your favorite musical groups, stars made of colored paper can be hung on the walls.

Idea 7. What? Where? When?

No, no, you don’t have to answer difficult questions and solve long equations! This is an interesting and unusual option to hold a graduation ceremony.

In terms of outfits, everything is simple: young people should be in strict classical suits, and girls in beautiful, but also strict dresses in dark colors. Remember all the interesting facts, jokes, stories, words, things that happened to you, and your classmates throughout your school life or in recent years.

Then everything is according to the scenario: the presenter asks questions, the answer to which will be memories from school life. To make it more interesting, you can change the rules a little and share it with teams. Make a lot of interesting stories and remember them with your classmates, and in the black box, there will be something that will cause a lot of emotions. See for yourself that this will be the funniest prom ever!

Idea 8. Star style

Many, especially young people, have idols. Perhaps someone even considers himself to be similar to this or that «star» of show business or cinema.

You can invite some bloggers who will be ready to share the specifics of his profession with schoolchildren. Now there are many novice bloggers, so the presence of one of them at the holiday will not cost so much.

Having chosen your idol, you can easily recreate his image on yourself. To have interesting graduation, you need to apply imagination, but the result is worth it.

Wigs, fake mustaches, make-up and hairdressing services — all this is still today.

Idea 9. Graduation Quest

Quest is a great option to celebrate graduation.

Quests are very popular now. It’s always interesting, cool, and most importantly, fun. The plots are completely different: entertaining, intellectual, scary. Most likely, graduates will want something unusual and intriguing. Graduation is a time of relaxation and adventure.

Your best bet is to choose a scenario like Pirates of the Caribbean or something similar. The plot can be borrowed from the script of the film, or even come up with it yourself. The class teacher is Jack Sparrow, the certificate is a treasure to be found.

How do you like the idea of ​​ending the school year and celebrating the graduation?

Idea 10. Future professions

Graduation in the 9th grade is not the last, because only in 2 years will there be graduation from school. Many already know who they want to work in the future. So why not hold the graduation in such a serious style and now not try on the professions with which you want to connect your life?

It’s simple and interesting: we dress up as a judge, engineer, surgeon, teacher, pilot, flight attendant — whatever. Make an informal alumni photo album. In a few years, it will be very fun and interesting to check who has changed their views and who is following their chosen prom image.

Idea 11. Virtual Graduation

Where else can you have a cool prom? Book an onsite VR cinema or choose a loft with VR immersion.

Idea 12. Military Prom

For active graduates who cannot sit still, a military-style graduation will be the best solution.

Entertainment. Invite the guys to arrange a ride on a tank — through forests, swamps, and off-road. Such excursions are offered by specialized companies — employees will provide detailed instructions and monitor the safety of participants, so parents can be calm about their tomboys.

The tank trip can be supplemented with a military quest: the guys will need to complete combat missions, capture «enemy» objects and go through a real obstacle course.

At the end of the evening, you can visit a military base or a museum of military and rescue equipment, where graduates will learn many interesting facts about tanks, weapons and history.

Food. After all the activities, students and parents can fry barbecue in the open air or dine in the military field kitchen.

Imagination is limitless — if you set a goal, you can organize a great holiday.

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